Porting Zig to NetBSD - a fun, speedy port

I recently ported Ziglang to NetBSD. I've done other languages in the past, and this was a great experience.
These are some of the reasons why:

Running the testsuite for the first time and seeing my first failure, I expected debugging to be hard: there is little output from the tests. It gave the following message:

cast causes pointer to be null
Build failed. The following command failed:
qGZRL9o8QK-SugoB/build /home/fly/zig/build/bin/zig /home/fly/zig /home/fly/zig/zig-cache test
It turned out that running the same command in GDB produced a legible backtrace
GDB just worked, so finding the cause of the problem was straightforward.

Overall, porting Zig was a fun and speedy experience. It's a shame I can't keep porting it, because it's already done.
I've added it to pkgsrc, so you can easily go out and try it, including on NetBSD.